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There are no more doubts: Android Wear 2.0 will be compatible with iOS

It had already been announced in the past Google I/O that your new version of Android for wearable it would be compatible with the bite Appledevices, but between so many doubts about its launch, all confirmation is news.

Google claims that this new version of Android Wear will try to achieve more independence between devices, thus relieving the pain of the current that your watch depends on both your phone.

Part of his grace is that you can install applications inside the watch without depending on the telephone connection, this form can do bypass restrictions that the operating system of the giants of Cupertino, and deliver a pretty complete experience and beyond only see notifications.

Anyway from the Green robot company warn that the connections could be slower with the clock connected to iOS instead of Android.

We will see if the integration of this new operating system, announced in may 2016 and newly launched in February 2017, manages to convince a public that seems increasingly more disenchanted of this trend.

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