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There is a 99% of probabilities of that your charger Apple false not be safe

Apple boots false or “alternative” are deeply dangerous, thus appropriated the Trading Standards Institute in its latest study.

The investigators bought more than 400 boots of sellers around all the world. People that cried sell products true and others that one knew to what it faced. Under the current standards of safety, 397 400 boots failed. In the test will include adapters usb to stream and cables Lightning.

Toby Harris, head of Trading Standards said: “criminal around the world are using platforms global to make you fall in the hook with offers cheap by products false, of which the most are dangerous and is have made known by cause overheating, arson phones and houses”.

As reports Cnet, Apple presented a demand against the sellers of products in line after is revealed that 90% of these products sold on Amazon were false. Not know the figure that will reach in a platform as AliExpress.

Them of Cupertino recommend always search that if the product not is purchased directly to them, is look for the seal “MFi” that guarantees that have the permission and continue them standards of quality of the brand.

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