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There is much interest in getting apps for the Apple Watch

For all it is indisputable that Apple Watch has managed to position itself as the leading smartwatch this relatively new market, but apparently the volume and growth of this segment has not been as great as everyone expected.

Sales are very low when compared with the smartphone industry and begin to arise evidence suggesting a decline in the interest to support this new platform from Apple.

According to a story unique to Business Insider, in exclusive interview with Tim Anglade, Vice President of the firm Realm, specializing in the management of databases for mobile apps, the interest in developing software that work exclusively for the Apple Watch actually almost dead, is at least that suggest the numbers thrown by more than 100 thousand customers programmers :

On a weekly average, we see very few projects focused on Apple Watch, even more so if compared to the developed for iOS. For every 1,000 new applications for iOS being programmed, there are about 10 for tvOS and perhaps, if anything, an app Apple Watch.

So now Apple TV turns out to be more popular and attractive to developers than Apple Watch. The low supply of available software is always a factor of care that ends up influencing the time of the death of a platform.

There’s Blackberry and a lot of video game consoles as an example. But Apple doesn’t seem ready to give up the Apple Watch.

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