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These applications allow you to make trekking more simple and secure

All us conmovimos with the news of the discovery of the corpses of Vincent Charpentier and Joaquin Castillo, young people who had lost eleven days after having risen to Cerro province in the Metropolitan Region.

The search operation would have been facilitated thanks to Wikiloc, Spanish application that allows you to trace the route that makes a person during the trekking and, in this case, gave information to police about the way that made both friends. Therefore, there are some applications that can be made easily and safely your adventure by nature.

“The important thing is that if it is going to use technology, effectively follow the routes previously used by other users. ” In addition, it is vital to inform family members, where possible, of the route that will be used and not away from it. “You have to take into account that we may not always have our charged mobile phone, so it is necessary to have battery backup and if possible an external GPS”, says Guillermo Bustamante, who is director of the school of Digital communication and Multimedia from the University of the Pacific.

But should not be relied upon, that Yes, and it is necessary to take into account some contingencies that may arise with the use of these devices.

“While we have applications, we have to be clear that there are some drawbacks. The first is that we can sit without battery for consumption data and GPS that makes our device. The second is that we may in some areas not having coverage, since the phone can lose signal”, says.

With this in mind, the professional recommends three applications that help us during our Trek.

  • Trekkingchile (available for Android and iOS): features with system of rescue SARS (System of Auto rescue simplified Chile), that delivers automatically a message of relief in a date chosen by the hiker before return. It has a guide with the great outdoors in Chile and neighbouring countries, with routes, accommodation and food. You can use even offline.
  • Geo Tracker – GPS tracker: (available on Android and iOS): application that helps to make the return trip on a route unknown without problems. Store maps kept by others in GPX or KML format and allows to make marks on the map.
  • Orux maps (available in application for Android and iOS): among other features, allows you to share the position with the Group of friends.

You already know it. Having an adventure in nature is a unique and rich experience for your health. Even better if this can be facilitated with the use of various technological devices.

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