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These are 10 of the best performances of the always great Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury

On 24 November they met 25 years of the death of one of the great legends of the music, which many enjoy practically every day. We are talking about as surely you were already imagining you of Freddie Mercury, who was lead singer of the legendary group Queen.

This week in which was held the Black Friday, we talked about until all the technology and is for this reason that I have decided to put end to this week, and also to the yours with a tribute to Mercury, showing 10 of the best performances of the always great Freddie Mercury, but that Yes, I already warned that infinite this article and show you 1,000 performances would have loved , but has not been able to be.

Barcelona (1988)

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The Olympics of Barcelona are considered as one of the best in history, although they had a great absence in the figure of Freddie Mercury who died a few months earlier and was responsible for interpreting the anthem of the most important sporting event around the world.

Despite all the myth was very present as you can see in the video in which appears next to Montserrat Caballé playing one of them hymns Olympic more emotional of the history.

I Want To Break Free (1984)

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Not only mercury has been one of the best voices in history, but it has also been a real master of interpretation. A clear example is this video which makes women in a parody of a popular British soap opera.

Today this would not call us all the attention, but by the time it was some of the most striking. For example in the United States the video was censored until the year 1991 when it began to be issued freely.

Live at Live Aid (1985)

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Does 25 years leaving us forever Freddie Mercury and already makes a whopping 31 years held in Wembley, a mythical Stadium, not only for large parties of football which has hosted, but by the huge number of concerts that have been held, the Live Aid, one of the best concerts of the history that brought together many groups in order to put an end to the famine in Ethiopia.

All groups had 18 minutes on stage, leaving only the intended script Queen who touched and thrilled everyone 20 intense minutes. Today still are hairs point to many when we return to enjoy the Live Aid.

Under Pressure (1981)

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Under Pressure is one of the most legendary Queen songs, thanks in part to the participation therein of David Bowie. Along with the well-known artist was one of the major themes of the album “Hot Space”, published in 1982.

On this occasion, and as you can see in the video of the home, we can see Mercury perform the song next to Roger Taylor, the drummer from Queen that makes that not Let’s take less to Bowie, at least where his voice is concerned.

Bohemian Rhapsody (1986)

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Queen has gone down in history by a huge amount of topics, we all have sung and danced in more than one occasion. However Bohemian Rhapsody is possibly the best known of the British group song, that has gone down in history as an anthem for many people.

One of the best versions of this theme is that we offer today and held again at Wembley, although on this occasion in 1986. It is one of the most watched Internet videos and it’s not for less without a doubt.

We Will Rock You (1981)

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No need to be a follower of Queen to have heard and vibrated on occasion with one of his best known as songs We Wil Rock You where Mercury makes an outstanding interpretation with which manages to reach anyone.

Give the play the video and get ready to vibrate and enjoy one of the best songs of Queen.

Somebody To Love (1981)

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The Repertoire of songs by Queen is practically endless, but he is Somebody To Love, one of those songs is not the best-known, but for many is one of our favorite.

Performed in Montreal by Freddie Mercury, in the Canadian city gave a lesson in what should be an artist on stage. Few artists could reach the level of Mercury, with his incredible voice, supported by an extraordinary group and finally connect with everyone present.

We Are The Champions (1986)

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In any sporting event that boasts, whether we like it or not hear ringing the We Are The Champions Queen who has become with the passage of time in an anthem closely associated with the sport.

Once again we’re going to Wembley to see one of the best interpretations that have been made of this song and see where Mercury dress King of many things and of course the Rock.

Killer Queen (1974)

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Killer Queen is one of the first songs that got a big Queen win. It is part of his third Studio album and most beautiful in the entire history of the band performed live offers us some choirs.

Well open your ears and get ready to enjoy one of the great songs and besides one of the best interpretations of Freddie Mercury.

The Show Must Go On (1991)

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To close this list not could forget one of the most popular subjects of Queen as The Show Must Go On and that despite that is not if a performance has a great history. And is that this issue was one give them last works of Mercury, already seriously ill and affected by AIDS.

The song is a great message of optimism from beginning to end and that own Freddie defended in an exemplary manner. When interpreting it, the name Brian May thought that it could not interpret it, to what the British genius replied drinking a long drink of vodka; “yes I will do it love”.

What is for you the best Queen song and the best performance of the always great Freddie Mercury?.

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