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These are all present in Fedora Linux 25 news

Fedora Linux 25

If until makes relatively little few were them news that us arrived from the ecosystem Linux, now, just when this year 2016 is punto of finish, seems that all those teams responsible of them different distributions have something that announce. In this occasion I want to speak you of Fedora 25, an of them proclaimed as best distributions of Linux that have been created until the date and that just of be updated with numerous and interesting new features.

As already happened in previous versions, the distribution again to be available in three versions different, each an of them destined to a type of public. Thanks to this find for example to Fedora Workstation, perhaps the more popular since is destined to them users of base while, in second flat are them versions Fedora server and Fedora Atomic, this last released as replacement to the Edition Cloud.

Already available the version 25 of the known distribution of Linux.

Once chosen the version that best suits your needs, depending on if you going to use as a desktop environment or want to mount some kind of server, let know you that all of them incorporate certain news such as the inclusion of Wayland, a protocol of graphical server that literally changes the way to experience Linux window system and works closely with 3.22 GNOMEdesktop environment.

In addition to the above, perhaps novelty most notably, mention the inclusion of 4.8 kernel Linux that brings improvements in stability and efficiency, new mp3 sound codecs, software to create USB bootable known as Fedora Media Writer or software Flatpaksystem. As argues them responsible of Fedora, this news not pose a rupture total with the operation routine of the system operating although if allow an improves remarkable of the experience of user.

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