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These are the new features that Twitter shows in the version alpha of your app


Android 7.1 has arrived officially to market phones Google Pixel, the rest of the market terminals, we still have to wait a few weeks, as well has been responsible to announce the company, at the moment are ending for the beta version of the product, in which is available, not for too long, for the 6 p and Nexus Nexus 5 X.

Precisely and due to the launch of this new version of Google’s operating system, there are many companies already working to leverage all of its advantages, among the fastest today I want to present you the news that Twitter has implemented in their app for android which speak of an circular icon, shortcuts app and even offer multi-window for devices running with Nougat.

Now available the alpha version of Twitter.

Entering a little more in detail, perhaps the most striking multi-window functionality since at least I personally think so, it was a bit strange that this possibility is not applied from previous versions especially if we take into account that the own Twitter has been working on this type of base with Samsung for quite some time. Finally all users Android 7.1 may have access to it.

Secondly I’d like to dwell on the application shortcuts , Twitter has decided to add, they are now offers the possibility of ‘Search‘, ‘New message‘ and ‘New Tweet‘. As usual in this type of functionality, the shortcuts are accessible from the desktop by a long press.

If are interested in testing these new options of Twitter, so only comment you that can download both the version of 32-bit as it of 64-bit from APKMirror. However, must be taken into account that you are installing the alpha version of the application, so it is not free of errors and, whenever you open Twitter, you will receive a notice of bug.

Twitter alpha
Twitter alpha

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