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These are the new Intel Xeon processors for big data


Bearing in mind the enormous needs in terms of data processing that have large companies, Patrick Buddenbaum, has just introduced a new series of Intel Xeon processors designed specifically for analytical applications and the big data. Specifically we are talking about the new Intel Xenon E7 V4, a very clear commitment to family where literally the biggest manufacturer of microchips in the world wants to be the clear leader and conqueror of the big data.

Entering a little more in detail, which directly provides Intel with this new family of processors is a system capable of offering more speed and up to 24 TB of storage, two clearly superior features to all what they can offer the previous Intel processor family. Now, nor much less believe that this company is the only interested in this sector of the market because today is facing companies such as IBM or Dell, which is already working on a new processor, although Intel processors against the latter, have demostradado day today to provide a best value performance/cost.

At the same time that the Intel announced the arrival on the market of this new family of processors also commented today already working on upgrading servers that have today l suits and implement even a new range of servers specifically dedicated to the analysis of data. Even so and are increasingly more companies seeking this type of servers, but the truth is that the market is low hours, not in vain, during the first quarter of 2016, this type of server sales revenue fell 3%.

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