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These are the possible specifications of the Surface Pro 5


He last year Microsoft presented of form official the Surface Pro 4, that got a great success in the market, although not by this many go to be of agreement in that this device already needs a renewal. This could be very near reach to the market, and is that already carry a time listening to many rumors on the Surface Pro 5, of which now is have filtered their possible specifications.

According to the rumors would come with processors Intel El Lake in its interior or what is it same processors of last generation. They would be supported in different options of RAM that give you an extraordinary power as it has happened in earlier models of the Surface Pro.

In regards to the screen, since long time ago, we could read and listen to rumors about the possibility that has a 4 K resolution, although this aspect was not yet confirmed.

Storage options will be in the form of SSD and with up to 512 GB, port USB c-type and Thunderbolt, a Surface Pen able to charge wirelessly via a magnetic connector will be some of the features that will make this Surface Pro 5 a device for nearly all users, although its price will make it prohibitive for many of us.

Of time and although already makes more than one year that met of form official to the Surface Pro 4, Microsoft still not has since date for the event of presentation of the Surface Pro 5, that could have place in the first months of the next year 2017.

Do you think of the specifications of the new Surface Pro 5?.

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