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These are the smartphone Motorola that will receive Android 7.0 Nougat


The eternal discussion with each new version of Android. Controversy looming once manufacturers, many are reluctant to receive the new update of Android 7.0, some abandon the development for its devices in just two years (such as Sony), however, Motorola stays at the foot of the Canyon with its almost clean Android versions and announces a huge list of devices that are to receive the nextupdate. If want to know what devices Motorola van to receive the update to Android 7.0 Nougat, you bring the list, seeks the yours. If your device isn’t on the list, you can also go forgetting you the new version of Android.

Being sincere, perhaps us seem less devices of which should, worse the reality is evident, Motorola updates usually them devices in a range much more wide that other companies. Right now will be a dance of statements between companies that promise updates and these that do not arrive.

List of mobile Motorola updateable to Android 7.0

• Bike G (4th Gen)
• Bike G Plus (4th Gen)
• Bike G Play (4th Gen)
• Moto X Pure Edition (3rd Gen)
• Moto X Style
• Moto X Play
• Moto X Force
• Droid Turbo 2
• Droid Maxx 2
• Moto Z
• Moto Z Droid
• Moto Z Force Droid
• Moto Z Play
• Moto Z Play Droid
• Nexus 6

In the list can find devices as the Nexus 6, that while some is of the year 2014, nor should take it as a real boom, remember that Apple is updating currently the iPhone 5 to the last version of iOS, talk of a device of the year 2012. However, always will appear them lovers of it old, that not updated their devices by fear to the loss of performance, while the consequences as regards security can be devastating.

Esperams that have of a device Motorola that can access to the update, that is take to out to end of this same month.

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