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These are the specifications of the BLU live XL 2

Back with BLU, that hybrid between China and United States of America which was involved in a small scandal in which privacy is concerned, and it is that they apparently had a problem making your private data to finished on a server somewhere in Asia. However, they promised to behave and get rid of all the malware that obviously “did not know how he had come there”. In short, the company is still quite strong in the North American market and these are the specifications of the BLU live XL 2, low cost but high performance.

This is the device of range mean that the company has on the market, and has undergone a major upgrade. We started by the RAM , which happens to be no less than 3 GB, as devices of great depth, as it could be the Huawei P9 Lite. The same goes for the processor, they are opting for cheap it, but meets, a MediaTek MT6737T which promises a very moderate consumption.

We continue talking about consumption, nothing less than 3,150 mAh, not much, or little, will to endure this 5.5-inch HD (720 p) resolution that might seem fab, Fab screen. We continue with the internal storage, 32 GB, opting for the same alternative as Chinese brands such as Uhans are offering us this ability at a very reduced price.

We finished with a front-facing camera 8 MP wide angle, to finalize the task with a rear camera with dual flash and 13 MP sensor. All indications are that this live XL 2 cost the same as its predecessor, around 150 euros, a very reduced price if we take into account that offers, even if we compare it with Chinese alternatives. But clear, it is built on plastic, and is that little more we can ask considering the price range.

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