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These are the types of ads most hated by mobile users

Advertising inserts are a necessary and unavoidable part of the experience of browsing the net. However, it’s a phenomenon that has become relatively annoying mobile platform for years. Therefore, a British analysis company has decided to lift a macro survey to get to know what are the types of ads that most mobile users hate.

Firms IAB and Digital Media Briefing were in charge of collecting information for this study, where I create a list, in the order of greatest to less aversion, about kinds of mobile advertising that are more annoying to a smartphone or tablet users.

As expected greater hatred won it is that type of insert that redirect to the website of the advertiser and does not close windows, but there was a special fixation on three variables:

  • Disguised advertising and integrated within the reading. Those who do not change the text format and sent to a supposedly related link, when in fact sent to another site with advertising.
  • Videos that are forcibly loaded on the page before displaying the content sought originally, without an option to jump him, shut him up or get out of there. Worse still when he gets in a loop to show several RIP.
  • Animations or video Banners inserted into a column or designated space of the web site. Especially when is impossible to stop the movement or silence the sound.

The interesting point of the survey is that actually mobile users not have been against the existence of advertising, but rather they expressed their interest in making it easy to close or ignore, unless it is a content that interests them.

And of course, without that it interferes with loading the page or browsing experience.

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