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These renderings show the almost definitive appearance of 7 iPhone

Oh Apple, during the months the company has followed its classic game not to say officer in lathe nothing inevitable new iPhone , while there are tons of rumors and leaks that reveal more data about their appearance. But this time it seems that each filtration plays a little against her.

More recent reports suggest that Apple would not actually implement in your terminal marketed this 2016, radical changes to such an extent that even it could not be called iPhone 7. Now, once again reinforcing this idea, at least in its essence, the distribution of a series of renderings, based on the last flat filtered, where checks to see that in fact there would be a big change for future model.

According to a report by TechInsider, the renowned designer Martin Hájek, would again worked in team with the leaker Steve Hemmerstoffer, to create a series of three-dimensional illustrations where you can see the almost definitive appearance that would have “iPhone 7”, according to the most recent design leaks obtained by Hemmerstoffer.

(C) Martin Hajek(C) Martin Hajek

Vector of Hemmerstoffer plans at the time were published on the French site of NowhereElse, it was photographs taken directly on the screen, and detail was minimum by the nature of the graphics. Now the story is another, but it also strengthens some already rumorados fears for weeks.

As you can see, the first illustration directly shows the look of the iPhone 7, in where there is a design almost identical to its predecessor, without big changes at first glance. Meanwhile, in regards to the so known as iPhone 7 Plus, the landscape changes a bit more, again confirming the existence of a dual lens camera:

(C) Martin Hajek(C) Martin Hajek

These 3D illustrations refer to those created a couple of months ago, but now we find details in your design that directly connected with the appearance of the iPhone 6.

So reinforces this feeling that the new Apple smartphone will not really so revolutionary.

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