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These virtual reality glasses are made with cookies and you can eat them

Virtual reality can be very funny, but unfortunately as VR helmets are rather expensive not everyone can access it. Luckily, as we know, there is Google Cardboard which is made of cardboard and is very easy to build if the materials have.

Apparently it is so easy to make, projects magazine and ideas style “do it yourself” (“do it yourself”), a user named Caleb Kraft manufactured a few edible virtual reality glasses.

Just the idea Make team, Caleb is came to mind the image of a house made of gingerbread (as in Hansel and Gretel) and this was how he managed to manufacture them. Based on Google Cardboard model but instead of cardboard and glue built them with cookies and frosting.


The initial idea was that the hull out edible including lenses and for that planned to use a biconvex lens to make a mould in glazed and jelly. The problem was that for a time not could achieve it, because your project would appear in the next edition of the magazine:

“I remain convinced that could get something that technically works, although it would be disgusting. Anyway, I didn’t have time. I modified my rule “do everything edible” to “everything but the lenses must be edible”.

When he finally finished arming cookie sunglasses, took them and shredded were. It was on the verge of giving up but managed to reassemble it for the second time (with more glaze still) and could stand firm. Caleb mentioned that the video is not much note but they actually fulfills the function of displaying content in virtual reality.

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