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They bend, knock and they scratch Google Pixel, to resist shock Google phone

Google Pixel

Missing the video ever, with each new device comes a new video. In these you can see how is subjected to all kinds of humiliation to Google Pixel, and eventually they do millions of visits in just a few hours. We are not going to need to know if our phone will support a car, keys scratch however, at a crossroads of information and morbid, just coming to light these videos on YouTube. We are going to see how it behaves Google Pixel weather we can imagine, to see if the “Made by Google” (which actually is by HTC) was worth.

Already you advancement, if of something can boast about HTC, is of the quality of their materials. Unfortunately, the company Korean not harvest as many sales as could wish them lovers of them devices electronic, but makes what good can, without that machinery of marketing that have other companies. Thus JerryRigEverything has tested the more stringent Google Pixel, and this has been the result. Is lately gaining much relevant know how resists the pressure device, above all after the famous “bendgate” iPhone 6. For this reason, the YouTuber has selected the device in color blue, the more striking.

Has arrived at the level 6 of resistance of screen, it normal. However, there is surprise in the pad from the headset, something that seems to give problems when it comes to replace it. As for the hardened rear panel, seems of exactly the same material as the front glass. For metal, anodized blue, as you could imagine, to pass the knife over it, begins to splinter. There are, however, to emphasize that at the marks you made with the keys to the car, the device resist quite well. Notably, the device

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