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They intend to create a “car mode” for smartphones

A trend regrettable and apparently unstoppable is the increase of accidents automobile related with the use of smartphones. Concerned about this situation, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), regulator of driving in the United States is promoting a project to integrate a “car mode” to all smartphones.

Similar to the “airplane mode” we all know, this new interface proposed by NHTSA would cut some features of the device and allow access to others. Only that here all would be designed thinking in the greater reduction possible of distractions for the user, low the idea of that while less time centre its attention in the screen of the smartphone lower will be the risk of accident.

The proposed of the NHTSA is ranks with them current interfaces of platforms harmonic by nature with its objective, as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, however the project seeks to establish some parameters fixed, that all them manufacturers of smartphones should integrate in its version of the system operating mobile.

The most controversial point would probably be blocking functions that would prevent manual writing of text messages while driving, as well as the possibility of taking selfies or videos of short duration (as Snapchat), which are considered as high risk factors that lead to accidents.

The project seems a prudent and necessary measure?

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