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They look so Android applications on a Chromebook

In the framework of the Google I/o 2016, one of the ads that more excitement generated previously was the arrival of Android applications and its subsequent integration with Chrome OS. Had not arisen news or nor what had happened with this presentation, until this day, then it will release a video in which is the operation of these in a Chromebook.

In the register with respect to the presentation, you can see the interaction and complement of resources that will exist between the company of Mountain View and Android operating system, as well as the Elimination of virtual machines or emulators so that they may exist. Also stands out that there will be no problems in terms of compatibility and safety, so we can go bouncing if you think to use any emulator operate.

With regard to the installation of applications, these are given in the same way as in a phone, i.e., searching for them from Google Play and then installing them to the computer. Under the same premise, updates and notices also will be as if you were on a mobile device.

On the other hand, one of the most important questions was the option to run these applications without the need for a connection to the Internet (one of the big criticisms about the dependence of the Chromebooks with respect to the network), which was resolved as if they can be used. That was the test of the game Galaxy on Fire 2.

However, the presentation also left in clear some aspects, like for example the need for a touch screen on the laptop to have a complete experience. Anyway, he doesn’t look interesting what you can achieve when it comes to knowing the integration between the two systems.

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