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They stop shipping of Galaxy Note 7 to perform quality control testing

This morning the Agency South Korean of news Yonhap News Agency (YNA), mentioned that Samsung Electronics has State stopping the shipment of terminals Galaxy Note 7 to three operators of that country.

According to the article, this is must to several users have reported that the Note 7 exploded to the be loaded in your home, that was what reported authorities official of the operators to the Agency. This was one of them reported:


Later, in Reuters, Samsung confirmed that yes they stopped shipments and explained to be due to that it will be more testing with the phone:

The delivery of the Galaxy Note 7 is being detained because of additional quality control tests for this premium device.

Samsung not mentioned the reason of these tests, however the reason could be the inconvenient to the load said cell.

The Galaxy Note 7 is presented to the world the 2 of August and was launched for all public the 19 of the same month. So only ones days after, the 24 of August to be more precise, the terminal began to demonstrate failures related to explosions, so by it seen it company has decided do is charge of the operation of the smartphone before continue massifiant it.

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