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This 7 iPhone ignites from nothing and Apple doesn’t know why

Perhaps when one speaks of explosive devices the first that comes to mind of the users is Samsung Galaxy Note 7, but the reality is that it is a phenomenon common in different brands, although in the case of isolated cases. So it just happens with a video that has become viral in the last hours, in it showing a 7 iPhone from Apple that no apparent reason lights up in flames.

Already reported by various media as Business Insider, the sad video, shared via Twitter, shows an iPhone 7 placed at the edge of a sink then begins to lay off enough smoke, kicking off an effect chain where the back of the terminal begins to melt while collapses its structure, to the astonishment of their owners:

So my IPhone 7 plus blew up this morning was not even using it, literally no explanation for this

-Bree✨ (@briannaolivas_) February 23, 2017

The owner of the iPhone would be a girl from Arizona, called Brianna Olivas, 18 years old, who was not even using the device when began to burn.

In a story about the incident olives ensures that his phone began to present problems to light, by which led him to the service of Apple which found no fault in the terminal, to start up without problem.

The next day of the diagnosis, in the morning, it was that the girl saw her smarpthone began to raise its temperature until it proved what everyone already saw on Twitter. So far the publication going for 26 thousand retuits.

Apple would have already contacted Brianna, but its official position so far is that they will continue investigating what was causing the problem.

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