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This adapter adds a port of hearing aids the iPhone 7

We are still far from the official launch of the iPhone 7, however has been rumored since the beginning that Apple’s next phone will not have a headset port. Tama Electronic Chinese manufacturer is anticipated and announced that it will launch a Lightning adapter that adds an entry of 3.5 mm.

Tama showed two models, one with port 3.5 mm and connector Lightning to load it, as well as another that only adds the entry of 3.5 mm. The manufacturer also announced a set of headphones that are directly connected to the connector of Apple.



So far there is nothing confirmed by Apple, but if we had to mention the most popular rumor of iPhone 7, it would be undoubtedly the absence of a port for headphones. The aim of Apple would offer an iPhone 7 really slim and water resistant.

Still a long way for September, month in which we expect to be announced 7 iPhone.

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