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This app lets you request an über without having access to the internet

One of the advantages that can offer a service of transport private über is the ease with which a vehicle is requested through its application for smartphones.

Perhaps the only downside is that it requires an internet connection and remain active for details of the tour, sharing the cost of the trip, see the total, among other things.

As the developer Nati Babayev, über not many users have an active connection to the internet. The reasons can be various: travel work, which means the cost of roaming, as well as not supported by the phone network infrastructure.

Therefore, the only alternative is the red 2G that allows us to send and receive SMS messages. Über internet without it is an app for Android that lets us ask a vehicle by sending the coordinates of our location by SMS text message and returns us details of the request using a new message, in addition to permit us to contact the driver.

Its use is quite simple, but miss functions to cancel the trip in case of not needing it at last moment. If that doesn’t bother you, no connection to internet will not do so.

Über without internet [Play Store]

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