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This app you gives access to all the betas available in Google Play

Beta apps

Those programs betas of them apps us allow be to the day of those news that van arriving, as were the video calls in WhatsApp. Those betas sometimes tend to last weeks, by what in that time that have download the new version, supports to the team to file the possible roughness of that app that have as favorite.

Apps Beta is a new app that you allow access from a simple and simple press to all the betas available in the Play Store. An app that has its major raison d ‘ être to discover you all those applications that are in the Google Play Store beta program as they can be the Twitter or Nova Launcher.

From the home screen, you’ll have all the apps that are in a special beta program of Google Play. You only have to click on one to go directly to the app in the Android multimedia content store if. Made this, will have that follow them steps to those own betas as usually be accept be a tester and return to the Play Store to download the update to that version beta.

Apps Beta does not have any special permission and no advertising within the app, although it may be that in time, as is most downloaded, it includes somehow monetize the service that can give this application with very clear ideas in its ultimate purpose.

This app comes to the heat of that new section that has Google in the Play Store that us allows access to all those apps and games that are found in beta. It is also a good opportunity for those third-party developers who can put the team behind this app to add the link to your own application beta program, so so users know it.

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