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This case allows us to see Android inside an iPhone

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Not so long ago we saw as Nick Lee, a developer capable of almost anything, got to run Windows 95 on a Apple Watch. The utility of this as you can already imagine it was not much. Perhaps this was proposed to achieve new challenges and at last which has left us truly impressed and already I notice that this has a more useful, though as usual with Lee’s projects it is more than likely that we can not see it in the market for our misfortune.

Read on this occasion he managed to run the Android operating system IOS, thanks to a housing complex and the “Tendigi” application. With this we can use in our iPhone some of best Android utilities 6.0.1 Marshmallow.

Do not know too many details about this project, but if we learned that to get to run iOS, Android he has been needed a small computer, which is incorporated in the shell which you can see in the video that heads this article and who also has a battery to make it works without any problems. This housing to our iPhone 6S (with iOS 9.3.2) connected to the connector Lighting begins the process.

Android en iOS

Besides the ability to run Android on your mobile device with iOS, one of the great advantages offered this interesting invention is the availability of USB, HDMI connector or microSD slot, which at the moment are not available on an iPhone natively.

This housing is difficult to reach the market in an official way and that users can acquire it, but certainly it has shown the way to Apple in a large number of options and new features, which more interesting.

What feature do you think the most interesting of the many offering this new shell created by Nick Lee?.

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