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This casing for iPhone runs Android on an Apple device

Remember to Nick Lee? It is that madman who had enough imagination (and free time) to install Windows 95 in a Apple Watch, and because now genius shares with us his new creation: a casing for iPhone that allows, in its way, running Android, apparently over the iOS operating system.

As with your old system test operating Microsoft Windows 95, what Lee actually tried to put into practice was checking that it was possible to perform the feat, though in this case in particular the process was far more cumbersome and problematic in terms of accessories, although in practice looks terribly simple:

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After 45 hours of development Lee and his team of the company Tendigi could achieve this housing intelligent, able to boot the operating system from Google when connect with the iPhone.

In the video it looks all pretty simple, but in reality, says Nick actually this device is not intended for sale, because of the complexity of development and other factors that would make it difficult to launch.

In the end, in the toy presented by Tendigi, iPhone functions as a mere screen and means of control for the Android system stored in the housing.

It’s a trick that seems simple, but it is impressive, especially for lovers and detractors of both platforms.

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