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This conceptual video of iPhone 8 should be true

A sad rumor, which seems more true day, is the one about the inevitable delay of the launch of the iPhone 8, due to the limitations of technology Touch ID in a terminal that would be pure screen in front.

All indications are that there will be a lag of nearly two months for the arrival of the Apple smartphone, but at least that gives enough time for more leaks, rumors and love letters from fans, who always take the time to develop conceptual videos on how the desired device could look:

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The most recent example, developed by designers Thiago M Duarte and Ran Avni, and published on the YouTube channel of ConceptsiPhone, shows us a smartphone without frames on its front face, and with a fingerprint reader integrated into the interface of the Crystal.

An interesting detail is that Duarte and Avni took the time to make a selection of the most recurrent rumors about iPhone 8 to translate them into your video, so there is also a front-facing camera with an innovative design and up to four speakers, one at each corner.

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