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This Granny lost control to see Jurassic Park in virtual reality

Attention to many virtual reality and time that we can test a helmet took that opportunity. However, for others a very unpleasant experience is made since suffering dizziness and until it hurts the head, so you have to remove the helmet immediately.

If even to young people is not a very comfortable experience, grandparents who don’t know these modern devices virtual reality can be transformed into something very amazing or a frightening episode.

Apparently, in Ireland, a few guys wanted to find out and convinced his grandmother to you experience any virtual reality with a Samsung Gear VR helmet. Apparently, the grandchildren found nothing better than to show him the film Jurassic Park.

The result is this funny video with the reaction of the Granny aghast to see the dinosaurs. If these already seem to be frightening, imagine seeing them in virtual reality; the poor not endured more than 20 seconds with wearing the VR helmet.

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