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This housing would confirm the design of iPhone 8

Assumes that you there is, if it exists. So the world of rumors and the area of mobile terminals is particularly prone to speculation.

Today, thanks to 9to5Mac, we have new material equipment from Apple that supposedly will debut in September and will celebrate ten years of the team.

This case or case, as you like to say to him, comes to confirm all the rumors about the physical aspect of the team.

case iphone 8

Cameras, in vertical position, the more elongated power button and surprisingly No Touch ID button on the back. This last reinforces the transcended that fingerprint ID will be under the screen, since this would occupy almost all the front of the terminal.

This case fits perfect with the so-called leaked prototype few days ago and showing in glory and Majesty which would be 8 iPhone… or X… or Edition, either way will it call Apple if it really exists.

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