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This is a Charger, the ransomware which was circulated in Android

For many Android can be considered as a little safe platform. But in the majority of cases the users remain safe from any threat, provided not installing something from your browser or from stores outside the Store Play Google apps. However, occasionally some malicious application manages to sneak and cause many ravages. That is the case of Charger.

CheckPoint security firm discovered the threat and the procedure of the crime. Everything starts as a result of an application up to the Google Play Store, under the name of EnergyRescue.


It is, in theory, a simple Manager of energy consumption to improve performance of the battery, but installing it operationsbackground begins to run a dangerous ransomware known as Charger, creating a nightmare for the victims.

Charger operates on two routes: sending SMS messages to all contacts stored on the smartphone, to catch more victims, and then blocking the terminal with a fixed window of threat.

Window indicate that they have stolen all personal data of the terminal, including banking information, and it will be necessary to pay USD $180 in less than 30 minutes, to release the device before filtering everything.

No one knows how it was that this application became Google security filters, but once the CheckPoint reported the problem was immediately deleted from the Play Store.

Even so, is the uncomfortable history, that already even in the Google Play Store you can browse safe.

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