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This is how the API Vulkan improves the graphics of the games

The eventual arrival of Android N implies several developments, although one of the most striking is the presence API for 3D graphics Vulkan, which already we have seen some of its advantages, thanks to a video that Samsung has released with regard to the performance of this application programming interface default.

In the registry, is the experience that involves moving from the classical OpenGL ES to Vulkan in a Galaxy S7. To do this, the titles were tested from Need for Speed: No Limits, Heroes of Incredible Tales and Vainglory, which were put to measurement during E3 2016.

As a result, is evident improvement in the textures of the games, as well as the presence of effects such as anti-aliasing, so how also benefited the framerate. All this, because there is a more efficient use of the GPU for our teams and reduces the CPU load.

If we recall, OpenGL has been a standard for more than 25 years in the industry, but the rising power of the current GPU has forced to develop a new API able to exploit them. In that sense, Vulkan allows the use of multiple CPU and avoid the famous “bottlenecks”.

Is worth mentioning that some teams, just like the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, already have API. In fact, the South Korean company has worked actively with partners to be able to go knowing all the advantages that you can get with it.

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