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This is the price that will cost Nintendo Switch online service

Nintendo Switch continues releasing slowly information about all the services that will offer, as well as its catalog. The Nintendo console is being severely criticized by the fact to announce that its online service will go from free to pay, however, is a technique already used by other companies, clear examples are PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold, services going to cost around 50 euros a year. However, what will be the price of the Nintendo Switch online service? The first leaks begin to arrive from Japan, and allow us to make us calculations.

Nikkei seems lusted filtration in all areas, although certainly many times end up failing, part of the job. This time we are going to give him a vote of confidence to their information, and it is that as it has been unable to reach their ears from the Nintendo President, Tatsumi Kimishima, Nintendo online service will cost between 2,000 and 3,000 yen, just taken for translating in approximately between 17 and $25. It remains to know the price in euros, clear, because this international monetary transactions, we do not know how, but the Europeans have just always losing.

Ultimately, we hypothesize that it will cost a maximum of $25 in the United States of America service, so all indications are that service their corresponding cost 25 euros in Europe.

In terms of the quality of the service, have just announced they will provide on a monthly basis a classic Nintendo Entertainment System game, but nothing more. They have not indicated if they will give more content, if they remain in the NES games, or if they will have a store with its corresponding digital offers. Seems a way to monetize a more than likely piracy, and is Nintendo lately not knowing (or wanting to) implement sufficient security measures.

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