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This is the State of the Costa Concordia after years dipped partially


More than once we talked about the zero chances of refloating the Titanic, however, specialists always agree that it is a virtually impossible task. And it is that the sea water can be a fiercely destructive element in many aspects. By that, want to show you these curious images that dan faith of the State of the Costa Concordia, the boat that remained dipped partially in it coast Italian during three years, so can appreciate by you same the magnitude of them damage that can do in them materials the made of be dipped in water salt by something more than thousand days with their respective nights.

I think that the result is clear, virtually any boat that has been immersed time cannot be recovered. Was a fateful 13 of January of 2012 when the boat wrecked in the island Italian of Giglio, all due to the recklessness of Francesco Schettino, that not took them precautions due with regard to the depth, and finished by aground the boat, producing 32 dead, almost a hundred of wounded and a mobilization of 4,200 people. The problem is that 290 meters long boat was stranded a long time on the Italian coast, while specialists weighed as so to return to route without causing too many losses.

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A fabulous video. Metallic materials are completely oxidized, as it could not be otherwise. Similarly, the wood has suffered constant damage, although perhaps it remains more whole than we could imagine. Are those materials plastics and acrisolados who have survived better in the part submerged of the boat. A landscape post-apocalyptic that dilate the pupil of them more curious and that today have dear bring you to today Gadget that can take you

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