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This is the story of how Uber wanted to deceive to Apple (and failed)

You’ve heard “is the saying faster than a liar than a thief”? So technically, is that just what happened with the CEO of Uber Travis Kalanick.

In 2015, über gave way to track offline an iPhone even after the user deleted the program from your system, which Apple bans. How did it then? The carrier simply altered the application code with a technique called geofence, blocking tracking offline only within the geographical perimeter of the headquarters of Apple.

The truth is that, after a few weeks, the phone manufacturer realized as the situation and Kalanick summoned for questioning by the footballer Tim Cook. And when the CEO was cornered by the threat of being removed permanently from the App Store, which destroy their business model in a catastrophic way, tells The New York Times.

Obviously, über ended with his illegal tracking.

Broadly speaking, the NYT article leaves Kalanick as a man whose quest for greatness has led him to take some risks outside of the norm, as in the above case (which goes explicitly against the terms of service of Apple), traits that have been supported by other attitudes of his person. As for example, the treatment given to a driver of the brand when it complained of the few gains that they got, or its stance against accusations of sexism that would incur the brand, among several others.

A declaration über subsequent to the publication of the American Journal, note that the firm not track users once they deleted the program from their mobile devices, nevertheless have a security system that allows you to protect them from theft or fraud related to credit cards affiliated with accounts of their customers.

The truth is that these practices already do not occur due to the meeting that Tim Cook had with Travis Kalanick in early 2015, something that leaves us with more questions than answers. Up to what point will come the company to be considered the undisputed leader in its sector? Will we know more stories related to Kalanick in the near future? Why users must endure this kind of abuse by these companies? Everything is there, waiting to be solved by someone, but this is the story of how Uber tried to deceive to Apple and failed in the attempt.

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