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This malware steals you pretending to be Whatsapp


If there is something to what surely all users who browse the internet has had to face, to a greater or lesser extent, they are phishingcampaigns. On this occasion, I want to talk about a very special that is sweeping the last few weeks and that stands out, above all, by the intelligence with which it has been developed since literally pretends to be a Whatsapp contact to ask you some questions.

To read the previous lines insurance who, like me, you’ve thought that that it is virtually impossible that you pass to it and that, if it ever happens, sure you can detect it soon. The problem with this type of campaign that seeks to steal money, is that perhaps only 5% of all those affected fall into this trap, the issue is to make the malware reaches more users better.

Once installed, this malware impersonates applications like Whatsapp, Uber and Google Play

And if we change the previous question? i.e., if instead of asking us if we would be or not able to detect a malware of this type personally we think if, for example, our mother, father, grandparents… would be capable of the same, perhaps at that moment when the perception of this problem totally changes.

Going a bit more into detail, let you know that the technique more common in this kind of attempted robbery is to literally make believe the person you’re talking with an respectable institution such as Mercadona, I say this business since it is one of the businesses whose name is being used. The case is that the user receives an SMS of the type: “not have podium delivering your order.” “Please check the information of your shipment here

A vex do click on the link is accessed with an web address that download malware on your mobile Android. Once you have it installed, it will begin to show rather than applications that overrides to be among your favorite apps like Whatsapp, über even Google Play. As a final, perhaps to reassure you a little detail, let know you that for the moment this virus has not yet come to Spain, although insurance which makes it very soon watching his quick tour of countries such as Denmark, Italy and Germany where have been counting up to 130,000 clicks the link sent.

More information: pcworld

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