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This patent suggests that Samsung also released a tablet folding

It’s a rumor that practically all take it for granted, because of the reports that have emerged on an ongoing basis by different sources: 2017 will be the year that Samsung will finally present a Smartphone with flexible and foldable screen.

He until now known as Galaxy X is one of those devices more expected for the following generation of terminals, but a new filtration surprise suggests that also will come accompanied by a tablet similar in its technology.

According to a patent registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office and reported by the people of SamMobile, Samsung has declared the authorship of a tablet’s screen foldable, able to remain active even before being extended, with some interesting controls that could mark a watershed for the industry.


In the illustrations of the patent, it is possible to observe that the tablet it would look like a closed book with a relatively bulky thick, allowing it to have a series of shortcuts on the sides, so that it could open up an app even before you deploy the tablet, allowing a more agile (and novel) use device.

The graphics of the document are not very detailed, as often happens in these cases, but illustrations suggest that shortcuts on the sides would be 100% tactile and not physical, leaving open speculation Yes would be an extension of the folding screen itself or a second side display.

Yet there is no date for the Samsung Galaxy X, nor is there certainty that both products are marketed at the same time, but Samsung seems he bet everything to your flexible screens.

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