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This software allows you to integrate Force Touch to any phone

The Force Touch may be a unique technology of the iPhone, but thanks to a group of engineers from the University of Michigan now it can also be used on any smartphone: created a software that works with ultrasound, which they called ForcePhone.

This works with parts that have all phones: a speaker and microphone. Cell phone speaker emits a sound that humans are not able to capture, but the microphone Yes manages to do it. Then, when we pressed the smartphone or press your screen, sound changes of tone and is detected and analyzed by software, which can transform them into commands.


A handshake could return you to the Home of the cell and press it more often could do that you dial a number and call it, these are a couple of ideas that are planning to arrange with ForcePhone.

The professor in charge of the project, Kang Shin, said: “do not need a special screen with built-in sensors to do this. ForcePhone increases between the phone and the user vocabulary”. The software can be installed on any smartphone.


The funny thing is that what the engineers relied for this technology. Shin, Tung Yu-Chih, student was inspired by none other than the film Batman: the Dark Knight (2008).

Remember when Batman and Lucius Fox transform cell phones of Gotham City in a sonar system with high-frequency audio signals? There you have it, so the idea of giving other uses the microphone and the speaker.

The present system ForcePhone at the International Conference MobiSys 2016 in Singapore.

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