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This video collects all the history of the family Nexus before Pixel

Are five days to the time expected in that Google will present the anticipated smartphone Pixel. On 4 October will be the date in which Pixel will be shown to the world, but you can also represent the time in which traditional family Nexus come to an end.

Similar to what came happening with BlackBerry, the closure of the line Nexus can consider is as the end of a was, since this was the first range of smartphones considered as relating to the platform Android.

Because of these factors, the guys at Android Police have mounted an ineresante and extensive video, little more than 10 minutes where provide us an intense and emotional journey through whole trajectory of the Nexus family.

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From the first model, until them were of glory of makes a couple year, landing in their latest incarnations of face to the imminent launch of the new Pixel and Pixel XL.

Not is knows with certainty absolute that will go to happen with it brand Nexus, at least in what regard to phones smart, since apparently the tablets will continue to to except.

But this October four answers shall be taken and here we are reporting them.

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