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This video compares the new TouchWiz with the version previous

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For nearly a month are circulating a series of catches was shown where the new TouchWizgraphical interface, with some interesting new features that promise to turn it into a more agile and less fancy platform in the compilation of their access. Now, comes the turn of see a video, where is shows in action this update, contrasted directly with the version earlier.

The YouTube channel XEETECHCARE, has been commissioned to assemble this interesting comparative test, where we see a Galaxy Note 5 running the beta of the new interface TouchWiz, against a S7 Galaxy showing the current version. In the video, it is possible to observe direct differences in appearance, which are quite obvious and patents.

The icons have received a new visual treatment, with a design that connects more with Material Design principles, moving away more and more of this interface whose choice of colors, fonts, and graphics were becoming less popular and accepted among users. So the change is good news.

Is confirms the removal of the drawer of applications fixed, leaving as an alternative optional to the taste of each user. Similarly Action Memo and Note S they are unified in a single application, simplifying the saturation of distinctive native TouchWiz software intelligently.

The rumor is that this new version of the interface will be integrated of factory in the new and inevitable Galaxy Note 7, rumored to be presented in the month of August.

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