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This wireless charger offers a range of ten meters

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A joint team of researchers with members of the Duke University and the University of Washington might have found a solution to the problem of having to be literally attached to a wall in order to charge your device while we continue to use it. In case of using charging by induction, we would be in the same problem since the device must be located on the charging base.

Thanks to the work of these researchers, has been developing a product able to load any device equipped with a wireless battery, it may well be a tablet, smartphone, smart clock or another type of system, with a range of 10 meters from the place where it will be connected, sufficient, for example, to load any type of electronic system found in our showroom kitchen…

This wireless charger can charge batteries of any electronic objects located within a radius of 10 meters.

As detail, let know you that this peculiar wireless charger would present a size similar to a TV screen in such a way that he would be thought to be cast directly into a wall or a piece of furniture inside. What makes this type of solution is basically take advantage of LCD technology to distribute power wirelessly with total efficiency to all types of electronic devices.

According to they have told the leaders of the research that is being conducted to develop this wireless charger, apparently the same works in the Fresnel zone, a space of the electromagnetic field that stands out for being focused, enabling power density to reach sufficient levels to shit at the same time many devices with high efficiency. As a negative point, highlight, at least for the moment, the panel needs a source of electromagnetic energy to operate.

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