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Thomas S. Ross says that he invented the iPhone in 1992

Cámara del iPhone

The iPhone is without a doubt one of the devices more profitable and successful Apple, which was created under the command of the now-defunct Steve Jobs or at least that’s what everyone thought so far. And is that Thomas S. Ross, a US citizen it has sued the Cupertino for stealing his idea that later became the iPhone.

The demand is based on a patent registered by Ross, nine years before that Apple will present the revolutionary mobile device. “Patent speaks about an”e-reading device”(ERD) with a rectangular shape and which could operate with only one hand”.

According to the declared as inventor of the iPhone, it was “the first to register a device designed and added as a new combination of communication tools and media […]” whose identity was, since then, abducted, and exploited by Apple’s iPhone, iPods and iPads.”

In the lawsuit filed Ross claim you to Apple financial compensation of nothing more and nothing less than 10,000 million dollars, which would be a negligible amount of all what has managed to enter the company which now Tim Cook runs with the sales of their various devices.


The oddest thing of all of this is that next to the demand supplied several drawings in which you can see a device, which indeed has some similarities with the first iPhone, although it seems rather little in the first smartphone Steve Jobs presented officially to conquer the heart of a huge amount of users and the market.

Do you think that it will end up moving forward the lawsuit brought by Thomas S. Ross against Apple?.

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