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Those conversations secret of Messenger to the end arrive to all the users


After them countless scandals vivid due to spy reports and filtration of data, them users have begun to worry about is by its security in the network, hence applications as Whatsapp, Telegram and company have had that start to encrypt them messages between users, whenever these it request, clear is. On this occasion and after a long time finally is Facebook Messenger offering secret talks to all its users thanks to a system of encryption end-to-end.

Personally I must admit that it strikes me quite so far Facebook Messenger not available of this option when Whatsapp, owned by the same company, if that that offered it for a time. As it has been reported, the possibility of accessing the functionality of secret talks was available several weeks ago but it was not until today, when it has come to the 900 million users all of the messaging application.

Encrypts your Facebook Messenger conversations thanks to the use of the secret talks.

As is has indicated in more than one occasion, that Facebook Messenger offer encrypted end to end not means that your communications are completely safe, if is true that thanks to this feature, supposedly, nobody that intercepts the message can decrypt it. However, it is also true that the company providing the service can use your data to improve your advertising.

According to some information, apparently the private Facebook Messenger conversations seem much more incognito mode of Google Allo than to what makes Whatsapp. There are that have in has that these not come enabled by default so you must be your which choose as wants to talk with any person, if it do by this new functionality nobody may access to your messages, when is says nobody includes to Governments and agencies of espionage.

More information: Wired

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