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Three simple tricks to make the most of the iPhone 7 Plus portrait mode


Yesterday same to last hour of the afternoon Apple threw of form official iOS 10.1, that also some improvements without too much importance and any correction of errors, also has provided to the iPhone 7 Plus the expected mode portrait of which today are going to speak along this article.

This new features of the new iPhone 7 Plus, us allows capture an object or person of the photography totally crisp, blurring the background of a form very similar to as it would make a camera reflex. Before propose you three simple tricks to get you the maximum party to the mode portrait of the iPhone 7 Plus you should of know that this mode only and exclusively is available for this smartphone.

To make use of this method in the new iPhone 7 Plus the first thing that you should do is download and install iOS 10.1, which you can access from the terminal settings, and access the General option. Once there you have to access the submenu “Software update” and install the new version of Apple’s operating system.

A time have you device mobile fully updated so only must of open the application of the camera and select the option “Retrao”. Remember that this option only will be available on the iPhone 7 Plus.

Attempts that the person or element main this well lit

Modo Retrato

The majority of tests that we have seen in this way portrait of 7 Plus iPhone has a great quality, and often too large faults are not appreciated. However in order to achieve this we must ensure that the person or main component in the image that we want to come out fully defined is well lit.

For example if we try to use this mode in low light conditions we can not achieve the expected effect and it is that to be able to define an object, blurring the rest of photography is basic and we might almost say that it is essential that there is much more better light.

Keep all objects or people in the same plane

Despite what may seem there is no problem that a photograph taken with the portrait mode appears more of one person or an object, although it is recommended that the maximum is 3 and that always remain at the same level or what is the same thing at the same distance from the camera.

Would be spectacular to place several people in a same image, completely crisp and with the background out of focus, but this not is possible unless them keep in the same flat. To get locate them in the same flat, not it can do with the iPhone 7 Plus, but always can use a camera reflex or do it through any application.

Away as possible from the Fund to the person or object

Modo Retrao

Finally, let’s close this short list of cheats for the new portrait of 7 Plus iPhone mode recommending you to the person or object that you are going to photograph of definite form is the more away from the best Fund. The shading of the background will be much better if you have a good contrast between the subject and background.

For example if you get both of the person or object to define colors and the background are contrasted the outcome of the final image will be much better. You can see an example in the image that you have left just above.

The mode portrait of the new iPhone 7 Plus is certainly an of their large features, to which many you can get a great party, that Yes, provided have in has some tips or tricks as which I have counted today.

Now only us is wait to this mode go making his landing to other terminals and all them users, have or not an iPhone 7 Plus can get photographs quite spectacular as which can get with the new mode portrait.

Do you have some trick or more Council passing get better results with the portrait of the 7 Plus iPhone mode?. Tell us it in the space reserved for them reviews of this entry or through any of the networks social in which are present. If are really interesting and useful will be expanding the list that today you have proposed.

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