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Tim Cook is happy to welcome all users of Note 7 to Apple

Yesterday is presented its report of sales, where announced that have sold near 45 million of iPhones in this period, something more low in comparison to the results of years earlier (near 48 million).

It is expected that a considerable slice of these sales is due to that the more hot semester series Note from Samsung, it was not able to make competition for the problems that we all know that they took place, and although Samsung claims that much of the deceased phablet users are using a Galaxy S7 Edge, there is another slice of cake that you decided to change company with operating system , specifically to Apple.

At the meeting where they announced results from sales of Apple, Tim Cook, CEO of the company appropriated the above and stated to be “happy to receive all the Galaxy users Note 7”. Was that not, perhaps if the team of Samsung had come out according to it thought, the sales of Apple would be even more low regard to them years earlier as is has given it tonic. This is certainly a gift fallen of the sky for them of Cupertino, and with the recent and new threatens of the Google Pixel, is of wait is that the next year is see more innovation coming out of them heads to charge of the Apple bite.

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