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Tim Cook says that the demand for Apple against Qualcomm was inevitable

In the sales report from Apple corresponding to the last quarter of 2016, Tim Cook took advantage of the instance to clarify why it was that his company sued Qualcomm for USD $1,000 million, claiming that the accusation was a last resort they had to curb the high cost of components for smart phones, also adding that there was”no other option” to proceed with this action , reported today The Verge.

“Qualcomm had repeatedly imposed technologies that had nothing to do”, so all the innovations created by the brand of Cupertino with elements of this firm, as the Touch ID and other sensor present in the iPhone camera, would that defendants are filled the pockets of money “without any reason“.

The demand of Apple was coursed to end of January, adding is to an already existing from the US Federal Trade Commission by practices that hindered the competition between companies manufacturing of them equipment mobile before mentioned.

This case has enough data to deliver over the coming months, so we’ll have to wait to see if it is any other brand, such as Samsung (who also use these devices), or another similar company, you want to add to this accusation.

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