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Tim Cook tab by the Board of Directors of Nike


Tim Cook is today one of the top-rated leaders and also a more prominent and known worldwide personalities. Needless to say that under his leadership Apple has managed to adapt to changing times, to launch new devices to continue being a reference in the market and of course keeping intact the huge profits of the company headquartered in Cupertino.

All of this has caught the attention of many companies, who have made succulent offers to Cook so joining its administrator, in a purely figurative presence tips. However has been Nike which is has gotten take the cat to the water announcing its incorporation to its Council of Administration.

The idea of signing the leader of Apple has been Phil Knight, one of the President and co-founder of the American firm’s sportswear, which has been named President honorary of the Board of the company. That Yes, what do not know too well is what will make Cook within Nike.

It could not be more satisfied with the Board’s decision on the succession plan, and I am delighted that an outstanding leader as Mark will be at the front of the Board. I intend to continue working to promote the business of the company in my new role during the time that can contribute to the success and long-term growth of a brand of renown, such as Nike.

These have been the words of Tim Cook to give the news of his reappointment at Nike. Not us gives many tracks of what is going to do, but I I do a question; will be Cook prepared his departure from Apple finding an accommodation in calmer and less media at Nike?.

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