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Tinder intregrara options for the transgender community

Finally the application of quotations Tinder is considering to the transgender community. The Code Conference the CEO of the company, Sean Rad, announced that they will launch new features that will allow users to have more choices of gender and specify what type of person are looking to meet.

“There is a transgender community in Tinder and we have not done enough to give them a good experience. ” It is more difficult for them to get what you are looking for so we have to modify our experience to achieve that”, said Rad.

For the transgender is a problem use Tinder as a platform to meet people since the application only allows you to choose between male or female gender. Some have been banned to receive constant reports from users who are not transgender, and others have been harassed in the chat. On the other hand, they may not realize appointments without fear to be rejected to meet its “match”.

Rad gave no more details about the next update but if said that new features will come to Tinder in a little more than one month.

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