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Tizen in the following Huawei Watch?


The truth is that this year does not have news of them watches smart more important or outstanding that bring the system operating Android Wear. Is evident that the market of them wearables can be to day of today a little stagnant with regard to news and is that it have all as is usually say. But today was a somewhat strange rumor on the wearable of Huawei and Samsung Tizen operating system, both could see together in a new generation of devices of dress. Is something strange if think coolly but not can discard this possibility taking in has that Tizen is working very well in the Gear of Samsung.

Seems that Android Wear not is in its best time and this not is something new, but that a company of the calibre of Huawei have in mind meter is in the installation of Tizen in their new watches us seems something of mention. On the other hand when it comes a rumor and nothing really official If we think that to have a model with Tizen and other software from Google, but this is another issue since different systems in two versions are more work than usual in terms of own updates and others.

Is as is there is that leave clear that this is a rumor and not there is that hang on is to it filtered since none of them two involved have confirmed or debunked it news, is evident that if not there is nothing ooficial not can tell that this go to meet is but actually not would be so Loopy.

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