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Toshiba introduces a new 2 in 1 called Portege X20W

2017 CES still leaves us news in absolutely all the terms of technology and consumer electronics, so continue to bingo. He laptop seems that is dying little by little, and is that charge each time more prominence in them brands them devices convertible, to half Road between them tablets and them portable, that us allow a greater versatility, because are before a was touch, where work with the finger is returns almost more fast that pull of mouse and keyboard. Why Toshiba did not want to be outdone and presented the Portege X20W, a new device with very interesting characteristics.

This device will feature the seventh generation of Intel Core processors, accompanied as not of a good screen resolution Full HD (1920 x 1080), 12.5 inches. This notebook has only with 15 mm of thickness, quite fine, and weights reduced.

Another interesting aspect is the battery, Toshiba promises up to 16 hours of autonomy they will delight almost anyone, although that remains to be seen. It screen, is capable of rotating in angles of 360 °, providing much versatility and greater ease of use at the time of take advantage of their functions touch.

They were armed with two camera that will allow us to take advantage of the unlock for Windows Hello, facial recognition , and in terms of connectivity we have a USB 3.0 and other USB-C both for charging as to emit sound and image, will depend on our needs.

It comes accompanied with a touch pen with up to 2048 different pressure points, allowing us to take notes and make drawings in the fastest way possible. Interesting little offer that Toshiba offers us, however, they have been unwilling to talk of prices or dates release, although they have commented that might be present in the shops from February.

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