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Trump does what he wants and still using her Galaxy S7

Not long ago you had about how Donald Trump should deliver your personal phone to replace it with a safer that give you in United States security agencies, because with the Tycoon already assumed in office, still does not deliver its old and reliable Galaxy S7 Edge.

On that same note ended with that if Trump has taught us something about campaigning and road to the White House, is that con it, several things that we took for granted can be changed… and so was. His personal Twitter account keeps launching updates from Twitter for Android, while the @POTUS account from Twitter for iPhone.

Obviously, it previous not is enough evidence, but the New York Times reports the following:

The wife of Mr Trump, Melania, returned to New York on Sunday night with his 10-year-old son, Barron, and so, Mr Trump had television – and its old and little safe Android phone, despite the protests of his close group – making company…

Eventually will have to hand over your phone and receive the encryption very, very safe and very little gifted “phone presidential” isn’t it? Trump always has a guarded surprise.

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