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Tuenti rises from the ashes and buys Facebook to revolutionize networks

Tuenti compra a Facebook

Everyone thought for years that Facebook was the goose that lays the golden eggs, especially when the company’s Mark Zuckerberg had acquired Instagram and WhatsApp. However, seems not be gold all that glitters, and Movistar, owner of Tuenti, has decided give a new roll to the networks social acquiring Facebook. Its owner, Mark Zuckerberg, had manifested in more than one occasion wanting to spend is to work humanitarian and of research, and seems that this is the first step. On the contrary, WhatsApp and Instagram remain in possession of the team’s investment in Facebook, which in the coming months will adopt a new identity and will include changes in the interface as a result of its acquisition by Tuenti.

Them last scandals about the handling of them elections of United States of America, as well as the falsehood of them reproductions of them ads have made that Mark Zuckerberg start to raise is your future in the company. Remember that Facebook Inc. is not only the social network, with Instagram and WhatsApp as well as other characteristic elements. However, seems that the more disadvantaged by this acquisition going to be Facebook Messenger, since Movistar (owner of Tuenti) wants to unify all those services.

Thus the company will allow the realization of phone calls as well as it will enable the platform Yomvi of Movistar + in certain sections of the future Tuenti, allowing us to see the live football, since it will detect if we are contracting or not of Movistar + just by linking our accounts.

A step forward that will make no doubt that remain many more hours to our network social favorite. Meanwhile, they are already studying changes in the GUI, as well as the addition of counter visits to our profile that we missed so much less after the fall of Tuenti. The modifications are in period of tests according to us advises the team of communication of Movistar, so starting from 2017 some users of the current Facebook will begin to perceive changes in the interface of your profile of user.

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