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Twitter aims to reduce fixed costs by laying off 9% of its workforce


After publishing their financial data, which by the way has not been too good, since Twitter has confirmed one of the worst news that could give the company and is, as it was rumored, finally their managers have decided to reduce fixed costs 9% of its workforce redundant what translates into that are finally confirmed the worst fears and 350 people will lose his job in the company.

Despite these unfortunate news, the truth is that finally a Twitter has not fared as badly as expected virtually all analysts since we have managed to reach 616 million dollars in revenue growing to 317 million active users in this third quarter which means a 1% growth a year. As detail, just let know you that the company continues to show Red in its income statement numbers.

650 people have lost their jobs on Twitter in which issue of little more than one year.

If we do a bit of memory, Twitter already reduced its workforce in October, 2015, at that time 300 people lost their jobs already are 650 total of people who have been forced to leave. To implement this plan for the future and keeping in mind all these layoffs, the company expects to reduce between 50 and 100 million dollars of fixed a year costs.

At the moment so just wait to see if thanks to these drastic changes, both in the scheme of the company and the product itself where new developments are offered now, definitely Twitter begins to take off and this translates into potential benefits, rather than head-on collide with expectations that analysts have in the company again, they are not very encouraging.

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